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Scroll's engineering team is solving a broad, constantly-evolving range of technical problems, and we're doing it with a pretty small team. We do this by having everybody work on all parts of the stack, rather than coordinating across silos to get things done. As we grow, we're looking for smart, inquisitive, proactive people who are excited to learn new things and work across the stack in this way, much more than specific skills—engineers who can make the right decisions in their domain but can also contribute to any technical discussion, pitch in where needed, or implement an idea for a feature on their own front-to-back. If this is you or you're on track to be this person, let's talk!

Scroll is a Series A startup with ten employees (and growing!) between our NYC and Portland, OR offices, and we're backed by top VCs and partnered with leading publishers. The service, currently in private beta, lets users support the news sites they love while avoiding the ads they hate. Members pay a monthly subscription fee to get ad-free versions of the news sites they visit. They also get access to audio versions of articles, seamlessly synced bookmarks, recommended reads, and a calm reading app—all to help them find and finish great reads.

This is a unique opportunity to be a foundational part of a very experienced team with an important mission. We're ensuring journalists get paid to report the stories important to democracy and letting readers experience the news in a way that lets them focus and engage. Learn more at


Must have

  • Strong coding and software design skills
  • Experience with a range of languages, technologies, and parts of the stack, excitement about learning more
  • Depth in some part of the stack, curiosity and an understanding of how and why tools work the way they do
  • Ability to prioritize, manage, and take ownership
  • A history of being thoughtful, inventive, and proactive (side projects, advocating for change at work, growing scopes of responsibility)
  • Ability to communicate technical concepts effectively, discuss design tradeoffs, and empathize developers

Always good to see, but definitely not required

  • Experience at consumer-facing technology companies or fast-paced startups
  • Computer Science or other technical degree


  • Every employee is considered an owner of the company with competitive salary and equity packages.
  • We pay 90% of base health and dental insurance costs for employees and families
  • We try to be as generous and flexible as possible when it comes to paid time off, and we don’t want to hear from you when you're on vacation.
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