Software Engineer

Portland, Oregon, United States


Scroll's engineering team is solving a broad, constantly-evolving range of technical problems. And with only four engineers, we've gotten pretty far in a year and a half—over 400 qps of live traffic on a handful of JVMs on Container Engine, JavaScript embedded in some of the world's largest websites, a scalable data warehouse on Google Cloud, rich user- and publisher-facing webapps in React, native apps in a mix of native code and React Native, and integration libraries for several common publisher technologies.

Our secret is pretty simple: hire people who bring an area of expertise but are excited to learn new things and work across the stack, then never stop trying to improve our efficiency and versatility. We believe that smart, inquisitive, proactive people with the right foundation are more nimble than a team of siloed specialists. Great engineers can help make the right decisions in their domain, but they can also contribute to any technical discussion, pitch in where needed, or implement an idea for a feature on their own front-to-back.

This is a unique opportunity to be a foundational part of a very experienced team with an important mission—ensuring journalists get paid to report the stories important to democracy and letting readers experience the news in a way that lets them focus and engage. We're building a faster, cleaner, ad-free subscription experience that works everywhere users find articles, currently in limited beta. Scroll is a Series A startup with eight employees (and growing!) between our NYC and Portland, OR offices (this role can be in either location!), and we're backed by top VCs and partnered with leading publishers. Learn more at


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